Thursday, 28 May 2015

Internet Download Manager - Full Version

        So here is the tutorial for installing or re-installation  of Internet Download Manager (IDM). If you have encountered with  a Fake Serial Key warning then you can follow this method to re-install IDM. You can also follow the same procedure if your 30 day IDM trial period has expired.

My suggestion for you is to purchase the software and stop piracy.

1. Turn off Internet.
2. Uninstall and remove all the files associated with IDM and restart the PC.
3. Launch command using Windows+R and type regedit and and hit enter.

*From step 4 we will delete IDM Registry files which pops up Fake Key message.You may not find some of the folders which I have mentioned to delete in the next steps, this is normal because you have uninstalled the IDM. Skip the step if you don't find the folder.

4. From HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, delete all the folders which start with name IDM.
5. Now under HKEY_CURRENT > Software > DownloadManager, delete IDMBI folder.
6. From HKEY_USERS > S-1-5-21-2972475663-1226162077-568589659-1000 > Software > DownloadManager, delete IDMBI.
7. Now in Run (Win+R), type %appdata% and hit Enter. Delete IDM  folder.
8. Restart the PC.

From here on we will install the IDM

9. Download IDM from HERE
10. Extract it, you will find a Crack folder along with idm setup and serial text file.
Now install the setup file, after installation exit the IDM from tray.
11.Copy content from crack folder and paste into default installation directory.
12.Go to the installation directory and find the 2 files idmBroker and IDMGrHlp.
13.Rename the idmBroker file with IDMGrHlp2.
14.Rename IDMGrHlp to idmBroker
15.Now rename the IDMGrHlp2 to IDMGrHlp
16.Now launch IDM and go to Registration tab and select registration.
17.Type any email address and insert any serial key provided in serial text.
18. Done. Now the IDM won't prompt you to purchase and it won't show Registered with fake licence key.
19. Turn on Internet.